This blog is dedicated to Mother Earth who in her infinite compassion towards her children is ever yielding with bountiful and abundant nature and benefits to all lifeforms living in this beautiful planet. Throughout this blog, I would like to convey and share a few of my thoughts and ideas about saving our environment whilst protecting our beautiful and bountiful Earth. Myself and my parents were inspired and helped to create this blog after seeing the BBC docu-drama on Mount Krakatoa. I hope you enjoy reading and thank you very much - Harini Anand

Friday, November 14, 2014

What is this about?

The BBC docu-drama entitled "Krakatoa: The last Days" was a movie, link provided here I can never forget as I watched it with such stupendous wonderment at the scenes unfolding in front of me on the television continued to amaze me about the power that Mother Earth could unleash on unsuspecting people. Such is the alchemy of Mother Earth. We should start seriously thinking about this power and not to be so cocksure of the fact that the ground beneath our feet is always hard and we can keep kicking around it for eons to come and not have a thought about it.

I wanted to post my experience in this Krakatoa blog. This was on my mind ever since I saw the Krakatoa BBC Documentary a couple of times on BBC-4 and once again when in Brussels I had a chance to see this on the dutch television. I was since then searching around the BBC site or on the internet looking for some documentary transcripts on Krakatoa when providence gratified me with these YouTube videos I found on Krakatoa - The Last days. I thought everyone of us should see this documentary so we understand and be alert to the fact that Mother Earth is not to be taken lightly and we should be responsible and sensitive to the effects of climate change and global warming. This is of paramount importance and is becoming alarmingly evident as we battle our day to day lives with rapid and unforeseen changes in climate. We should not dismiss this lightly.

I was so sad when I came to know about the fact that when the Indonesian tsunami hit in 2004 there was no one who could report its approach and there were no warning systems in place even though technology was at its best. Something on the likes of this is what the original Krakatoa shows. Now with Anak Krakatoa growing at a fast pace, there may be a repeat of the same and we should be wary of the fact that this will happen one day again sooner or later, and hopefully by that time, we are much better armed with more awareness, warning and readiness with the new technologies we discover as well as foster our understanding much better to be in harmony with Mother Earth.

- by Harini and Anand

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Earthquake, are you so mighty
To invoke Tsunami
Destroy our dearest
Who are nearest
To the Ocean and Sea
Oh! My! Earthquake
Don't come again
We plead in vain
We need to gain
Peace! Oh Peace! Plead for Peace to be with us All! 
Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu!
- By Harini Anand

Friday, May 31, 2013

Save the Environment!

Man is but a product of his environment. All species in this environment partake only as much as they require whereas Man's appetite and greed for things is huge and therefore there is a huge demand on the resources found in nature. This causes imbalance in nature. Man must take steps to protect the resources in the environment. After all it’s for his own survival and it’s his own environment.

In India, there is a decline of carnivores like Lion, Panther and the Tiger. The basic requirement for these animals is food. Only if herbivores like the deer are present can these carnivores survive. The presence of herbivores is slowly declining as these herbivores themselves are dying for lack of green food. If plants are not available they will also impact human lives. Plants need solar energy (convert carbon-dioxide and water in presence of sunlight) for food as solar energy is converted to biological energy.

Mans over exploitation has been to cut down trees to build his concrete jungles and this is destroying vegetation and is also spoiling the environment. 35 years ago water from the Ganges was pure and fit for drinking now it’s polluted.

Environment and man share a relation similar to producer – product. Every living being on this planet must adhere to a principle and a compliance with nature. Man cannot escape the consequences if he ignores this. If we wish humans to continue for generations on earth we have to contain all forms of greenery. Our total development is directly dependant on conservation. Therefore it’s essential to understand and observe the principles of environment.

Basic principles we need for our environment are:
· Capacity to bear the change
· Each object in the environment is dependant on it’s capacity to sustain to the level produced in the environment
· To learn the art of living according to nature
· Motivate people to appreciate beauty of the environment
· Will to promote a healthy, beneficial and ever lasting environment

[-- Our education system should aim to achieve this -- ]
- by Harini Anand

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